Jonathan Becher, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP. Former CEO of Pilot Software

“Are you struggling to make the most of your company’s resources? Don’t have good inter-department communication? Need to create a product development process that allows you to ship quality products on time, with features your customers want? Jennifer can help. Easy to work with and great results.”

Bob Page, VP Analytics Platform & Delivery at eBay. Co-founder / former Chief Technology Officer of Accrue Software

“Jennifer has the exceptional ability to see both the big picture and the small details at the same time. Jennifer’s broad knowledge of business allowed her to communicate and coordinate easily among our different departments, allowing everyone to work towards common goals. Jennifer has an uncanny ability to know when to push and when to back off; she knows when to emphasize the role of the individual vs. the role of the team; and knows when to assert herself vs. allowing the process to take care of things. Jennifer took a largely unformalized development process and turned it into a well-functioning, repeatable, and low-overhead system for delivering and maintaining software products – one that even the engineers loved.”

Bob Wyman, Member Technical Staff at Google. Former VP Product Development of Accrue Software

“At Accrue, Jennifer was instrumental in establishing the processes which allowed us to effectively manage a complex, multi-platform product line. After Marketwave and Accrue merged, Jennifer was instrumental in creating the processes which allowed us to effectively manage a suddenly expanded, multi-site development team. Jennifer’s mix of business, technology, and people skills were vital in defining processes, identifying issues, and solving problems after the merger of Marketwave and Accrue.”

Jack Falk, Co-Author of Testing Computer Software and former Director of QA at ShareData

“Jennifer is a natural at juggling many complex projects without losing the details. She identifies the solution needed for a specific project, considers how the issue should be handled for future projects, and what the impact of the change will be throughout the organization.

Jennifer excels at harnessing the knowledge of the company. This company-wide view combined with her knowledge of the industry gives her great credibility and success when suggesting improvements in internal systems, department processes, and pricing policies.

Jennifer created a new professional services department and allowed us to restructure our services offering – not only providing streamlined procedures and technology, but also documentation to our Sales group for customer use. We reduced client turnaround time by up to 50% while increasing accuracy.

Jennifer has both people skills and technical skills – something you don’t often find. Because of her ability to consume multiple points of view, I’ve seen her successfully “bridge the gap” in communication between engineers and marketers, employees and managers, customers and engineers, and specialists and generalists.”

Your Bougartchev, CEE & MEA Growth Markets Consulting Capacity Leader at IBM Global Business Services

“Jennifer is one of the brightest and most positive people I have ever worked with. The dedication with which she works is amazing. We need more people like Jennifer Evenson in this world; unfortunately she is one of a kind! I have never had the chance to recommend her before and I am honored to be able to do so here.”

Chris Bracher, Partner & Operations Manager at Acme Metro Vending Services

“Jennifer is a brilliant strategist and researcher as well as one of the hardest working individuals I know.”

Ted Lee, Investment Management Consultant

“Jennifer was a true ‘lead by example’ manager with whom I had the pleasure of working. Her domain expertise in equity-based compensation, product knowledge, and project-management know-how kept the team on track with just the right amount of guidance.”