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Landmark Education Courses

Program Name Year
Assisting Program – Team Leader for Spanish interpretation
of courses in Salt Lake City
Introduction Leaders Program Coach 2010-2012
Introduction Leader 2010-2012
Introduction Leaders Program – Salt Lake City 2010
Seminar: Success – The Power of Context 2010
The Relationships Seminar – The Basics of Love, Romance, and Partnership 2009
Seminar: Money – From Concern to Freedom 2007
Seminar: Integrity – The Bottom Line 2007
Seminar: Commitment – The Pathway to Adventure 2007
Introduction Leaders Program – San Diego 2006
Communication Course: Access to Power 2006
Seminar: Causing the Miraculous – A New Realm of Possibility 2005
Self Expression and Leadership Program 2004
The Advanced Course 2004
The Landmark Forum 2004

University of California, Santa Cruz Extension

Certificate in Training and Human Resource Development
Certificate in Program Management
Personal Achievement Award in Technical Management
Learning Theories Alan Tsuda
Leading Organizational Change Michele Jackman
Presentation Skills for Trainers Pat Kirkland
Designing Training Programs Alan Tsuda
Training Needs Assessment and Evaluation Alan Tsuda
Organizational Development and Change Tara Martin-Milius
Dealing with Difficult People Phil Duncan
Facilitation Skills Tara Martin-Milius
Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Michele Jackman
Designing Technical Training Programs Michele Jackman
Coaching and Training Others Michele Jackman
Product Development Engineering Bill Brooks
Project Control and Business Management Michael Taylor
Analytic Planning for Project Success Bill Brooks
Managing the Development of New Products Michael Taylor
Risk Management for
Project Managers
Bill Brooks
Project Selection & Requirements Bill Brooks
Project Management Culture Michele Jackman
Role of the Project Manager Herb Pike
Schedule Optimization Bill Brooks
Project Management and Project Leadership Bill Brooks

CEP Institute, Executive Development Center, Santa Clara University

Certified Equity Professional (CEP) – Completed certification exams November 1997

Other Training and Seminars

Managerial Skills American Management Association
TimeQuest Franklin Quest
Succeeding as a First Time Supervisor CareerTrack
How to Lead a Team CareerTrack
Managing Personal Growth Blessing/White

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