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Unofficial Transcript – Santa Clara University – MBA, August 2001

Concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Leading People and Organizations, and Marketing Management.  Selected for membership in the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society. GPA: 3.8 / 4.0, GMAT: 710
Term Course Number Course Name Professor Grade
25 SU01 MGMT 505 Social, Political, Legal Environment Of Business Group paper on Child Protection from Online Pornography Kelley A
24 SU01 ECON 405 Macroeconomics Kamas A
23 S01 MKTG 566 Small Business Entrepreneurship    Business Plan was for a Motorsports Complex Bruno A
22 S01 IDIS 619 Business Policy in High Tech Firms CAPSTONE Capstone Project was on Location Based Fleet Tracking Leidecker A
21 S01 ECON 430 Negotiation, Business Strategy, and Game Theory Field A
20 W01 MGMT 512 Social Psychology of Leadership Posner B
19 W01 MKTG 696 Marketing Decision Models Project for Agile Software Burnham A
18 W01 OMIS 357 Operations Management Project for Adobe’s Internal Helpdesk Tsay A
17 F01 FNCE 455 Investments Urich A
16 F01 MKTG 568 Marketing Research  Project for Cosmic Soda Pop Valenzuela A-
15 F01 ACTG 307 Tax Aspects of Business Decisions Luttman A
14 SU00 MKTG 572 Product Market Planning & Strategy Project was Marketing Plan for new device similar to Palm Handheld. Kitcho A
13 SU00 MGMT 524 Managing Innovation & Technology    Project for Teveo Palmer, D.R. B+
12 SU00 OMIS 355 Computer Based Decision Models Collins A
11 SU00 IDIS 701 (1 unit) Building an e-Business Strategy Ball (guest from UMass) A
SU00 MKTG 704 (1 unit) Time-To-Market Strategy Chris Meyer (author of Fast Cycle Time) A
SU00 MKTG 705 (1 unit) Entrepreneurial Due Diligence Yam B
10 S00 MKTG 574 Sales Management Corio A
9 S00 MKTG 553 Competitive Marketing Strategy    Project was Marketing Plan for a concept company called Winespark Lewis A
8 W00 ECON 401 Microeconomics
Received the highest-ever score on his Final Exam – 96%
Heineke A
7 W00 FNCE 451 Financial Management Collins A
6 F99 MKTG 551 Marketing Analysis & Decision Making Fox A-
5 S99 MGMT 503 Organizational Analysis & Management    Project for TekEdge (now Xoriant) Palmer, D.R. B+
4 W99 ACTG 301 Accounting for Business Decisions Sepe A
3 W99 OMIS 353 Statistical Methods Tsay A
2 F98 MGMT 501 Managerial Competencies & Team Effectiveness Caldwell A
1 OMIS 351 Math Analysis (waived) – took the entire Calculus series (4 courses) at De Anza College right before applying to SCU and got As in all of them. A
Worked full-time at Silicon Valley technology startup companies while getting M.B.A.
Projects listed above were group projects.

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