Hello and welcome! I am available for short- or long-term projects. I am very good at getting new projects, revenue streams, and companies up and running. I want to be involved with projects where I can make a difference in the world while contributing to the growth of cool organizations.

My favorite topics are motorcycle roadracing, technology, corporate culture and leadership, starting new companies, healthy food, travel, and Latin dancing. It was only after working at a race track and being the race director for a few months that I could watch a motorcycle roadrace and not be moved to tears. It’s so elegant!

I love working with people, ideas, and systems – especially at the same time! I’m a technology early-adopter and speak both “tech” and “business” fluently, and can translate between the two. I believe strongly in the power of a positive corporate culture, and believe corporations are places where people can express themselves, live their passions, and be fulfilled. My vision is having a world where we don’t need books about “escaping” corporations. Can you tell I love people systems?

I am much more interesting in person, so if you think you could use my skills on your project, let’s talk! If you’re just a “lurker”, you can follow me on Twitter. I’m @jvnsn. If you love eating healthy and encouraging others to do the same, then follow my food blog: And if we’ve worked together before, then track me down on LinkedIn and give me a good recommendation. 🙂 Thanks!

Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by!



  • New venture startup
  • New business development
  • Public speaking
  • Marketing
  • People management
  • Program and project management
  • Event management
  • Website management
  • Professional Services
  • Customer support
  • Internal and external communication and coordination
  • Customer requirements analysis
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, organizational, facilitation, presentation, and listening skills
  • Proactive, resourceful, adaptable, and energetic
  • Quick study in new areas